Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Auto Brokers for Buying or Leasing a Car - Better Than Using a Dealer

I'm sure most of you have had the hassle of dealing with auto dealers - there is no reason to haggle with them! If you've never gone to an auto broker for your new car, then you've missed out on the easiest way to buy a car. I would not go elsewhere. Our last 4 cars have been through a broker and it is SO easy - and we saved money!! So, you want to have a broker in your resources file for the next time you buy a car? Here is who I recommend:
Fox Auto Consultants - auto broker for purchase of vehicle lease
They are located at 17610 Beach Blvd. #36, Huntington Beach, and can be reached at: 714.846.7599. He will take care of Long Beach as well as all surrounding areas! Since 1934 the Fox family has been catering to the wishes of clients wanting to get the best deal on their new vehicles without having to go through the "normal" dealer process! Since they've been in the automobile industry for over 60 years they can assure you'll be treated with dignity & respect & get the right deal! They handle almost all makes & models of CARS, TRUCKS, VANS, & S.U.V.s!! They are the only auto broker you want to know!