Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long Beach Scavenger Hunt - it is happening now!

Did you know Long Beach has a business scavenger hunt going on in the Naples/Belmont Shore area?? Yes, it's true. It just started yesterday. I've participated in these before and they are so fun. All the info and the forms to participate can be found at www.LocalLongBeachOnline.com . You will see the huge link for Scavenger Hunt right on the home page. You visit participating businesses, figure out the clue that matches the business, get a stamp from that business on their corresponding "spot" on the form... visit as many as you can and by the end of the month you turn it in and have a chance to win some wonderful prizes! You get to discover businesses you might never have know were there and local businesses get some new faces in their doors. it is a win win for all. Help support your local businesses and give it a go.

Have you ever wanted whiter teeth but want it done simple and easy? I know a business you need to check out: Smile Brighter is a mobile teeth whitening business - yes they can come to you. But if you wish, you can visit them on Sundays in Naples (9am-5pm). They are located at 5346 E. 2nd St. You can get great and safe results leaving your teeth brighter and whiter in only 15 minutes!! Who doesn't have 15 minutes to get a better smile. And the price is so reasonable. Learn more about them at www.smilebrighter.net or call them at 562-506-7671